Q-Dex On-Line®, The Essential Tool for Illinois Worker's Compensation Law.

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Q-Dex On-Line is a unique search engine of strong multi-layered indexed abstracts of the Illinois Worker's Compensation Commission, Appellate and Supreme Court WC decisions. Q-Dex attorneys read every case, write the abstracts and meld them into the layered indexes, enabling our clients to quickly locate on-point case law, saving valuable time. Our clients do not have to sort through myriad cases, most of which are not on-point. We've done that work for you.

Save an invaluable amount of time and greatly increase your research accuracy with Q-Dex On-Line®.

The Q-Dex On-Line database spans 1985 to current. An intuitive, sophisticated search engine provides fast, on-point results for Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission (IWCC), Appellate and Supreme Court case law.

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A sophisticated, yet intuitive, query system allows quick & thorough researching of WC issues.

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# of  WC Attorneys or Claims Managers # of Licenses Per Year Subscription Price
1-Month Free Trial License(s) No Cost
1 1 $720
2 2 $865
3 3 $1,020
4 4 $1,140
5 5 $1,285
6 6 $1,430
7 7 $1,670
8 8 $1,905
9 9 $2,145
10+ 10 $2,380
11+ $50 Each Additional License

*Pricing Details:

  • No credit card required for trial license.
  • Licenses may be shared subject to purchase of required number per above table.
  • Recurring, quarterly invoicing available (1-year commitment).
  • Billing addresses in Chicago subject to an additional 9% sales tax.

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A teleconference training session is included with the trial license. Training sessions are always available to clients at no cost.