Research by Q-DEX® Attorneys, specialists in Illinois Workers' Compensation Law

For attorneys who do not specialize in Illinois workers’ compensation (WC) law but at times have WC cases or for WC specialists who need some additional support, our attorneys, all WC experts, are available to perform research and provide you with an analysis of your case. The fee for this work is $200 per hour. Please call our office for further information (630-369-3549).


IWCC Case Copies

As a service to our book clients, IWCC cases can be faxed for a fee of $15 plus $2 per page. For non-clients the service fee is $30 plus $2 per page. For on-line clients, Commission cases prior to 1999 are available by calling our office or emailing us with a request (they are on-line from 1999 on). We'll scan the case and email it to you. Our contact information is: 630-369-3549 or