Frequently Asked Questions
Question: May we try Q-Dex On-Line before purchasing a license?
Answer: Yes. We offer a free 30-day trial license. No credit card is required.
Question: Is training available?
Answer: Yes and it is highly encouraged. Our clients find the teleconference training session very helpful. We offer it to trial members and on an on-going basis to clients, always at no charge.
Question: I am a client and have a question either about the system. Is there additional support available?

Yes. Call us at our office (630) 369-3549 or email us at and one of our attorneys will be happy to help.

Question: Can an injured employee use this site?








We strongly recommend against it. Workers' compensation law is

complicated. To insure your rights are fully protected, we recommend seeking legal counsel. This site is intended for workers' compensation professionals.