Frequently Asked Questions
Question: I'm intersted in the on-line system, can I try it before purchasing a license?
Answer: Yes. Arrange a teleconference training session with us (a 30-60 minute session) and we'll provide you a 30-day license at no charge.
Question: I'm already an on-line client but haven't done the training session. Should I?
Answer: Yes. Our experience is that the training session is very valuable to our clients and makes the research process more successful and streamlined.
Question: I am a client and have a question either about the system. Is there additional support available?
Answer: Yes. Call or email our office and one of our attorneys will be happy to help.
Question: What case copies are now on-line?

Case copies in PDF format are on-line for the years 1999- current (see home page for most recent update).

Question: Can an injured employee use this site?








We strongly recommend against it. Workers' compensation law is very

complicated. To insure your rights are fully protected, we strongly

recommend seeking legal counsel. This site is intended for people who

have an expertise in this area of law.