Indexed legal analysis performed by workers' compensation attorneys, making Illinois WC law quickly accessible.

Q-DEX On-Line® An internet-accessible database of the Q-DEX® abstracts & indexes and decision copies from 1985-current and. A sophisticated querying system allows more flexible and thorough researching.You will save an invaluable amount of time and greatly increase your research accuracy with Q-DEX On-Line® .
Q-DEX® Books

Indexed abstracts of the Illinois Workers' Compensation law for the Commission, Appeallate and Supreme Courts. Published annually.


Q-DEX On-Line®: Availability & Cost

Q-DEX On-Line® provides legal analysis of Illininois workers' compensation law. The database is updated regularly with new analysis, case copies and citations on prior abstracts. The database of abstracts for significant IWCC cases extends back to 1985 to current, all Appellate and Supreme Court WC decisions from 2004 to current and select prior Appellate and Supreme Court decisions are added regularly. All IWCC written decisions are on-line from 1995 through current along with select prior decisions. All Appellate and Supreme court decisions from 2004 to current are on-line as are select prior decisions. On-line clients may contact us for prior case copies which will be scanned and emailed to you at no charge.

A sophisticated, yet intuitive, query system allows quick & thorough researching of WC issues.

The best way to understand how the system works is to try it. We encourage you to contact us for a 30-day free trial which begins with a teleconference training session. We will also provide training sessions for existing clients at no charge. Contact our office at 630-369-3549 to set up your trial license and a training session, or email us at damien@qdex.com.

A license to Q-DEX On-Line® allows you to search all on-line information from any location. There is no limitation on the number of searches. The only limitation on use of a single-user license is a 60-minute time-out if access is attempted from a different IP address within an hour of last use. For larger firms and companies for who require more access, additional licenses are available at substantially reduced rates.

Q-DEX On-Line® Single License Costs*

30-consecutive day (1 Month) on-line license $175
365-consecutive day (1 Year) on-line license $1,500
730-consecutive day (2 Years) on-line license $2,500

*If the billing address is located in Chicago, a 9% Chicago Lease tax is charged.

To purchase a license click: Orders Or, contact us at The Damien, LLC 630-369-3549.

Contact our office for quarterly billing options.

Q-DEX® Books: Availability & Cost

Q-DEX® Annual Edition books are available for every year from 1981, the year the Commission's decisions became precedential, to the Annual Edition 2017. The Annual Edition includes the indexed abstracts of the Commission, Appellate and Supreme Court decisions for the given year but does not include case copies. Case copies are available for purchase on a text-searchable CD (requires Adobe Reader).


Book Subscription Costs:

2017Q-DEX® Annual Edition $485 (plus 7.25% IL sales tax)
2016 Q-DEX® Annual Edition $485 (plus 7.25% IL sales tax)
2017 & 2016 Ordered Together 15% discount on the 2016

To purchase Q-DEX® books click: Orders Or, contact our office at 630-369-3549. Also contact us if you are interested in pricing for additional years or multiple copies.

Research by Q-DEX® Attorneys   

For attorneys who may not regularly represent clients in Illinois workers’ compensation law but at times have a WC case in their office, or for any WC professional who requires additional expertise on a case, Q-DEX® attorneys are available to perform research and provide you with an analysis of your case. The fee for this work is $200 per hour. Please call our office for further information.


Case Copies     


Commission case copies are available on-line from 1995-current and on CD for the years 1995-2017. CDs are $300 per year, plus 7.25% Illinois sales tax. Cases from prior years are provided to on-line clients upon their request at no charge. They are available for a fee for book clients.


To Order   

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