Q-Dex®: A Quick Index to Illinois Workers' Compensation Decisions


Q-Dex On-Line ®

In 1981 the decisions of the Illinois Industrial Commission (now Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission or IWCC) became precedential. The first Q-Dex book, the 1981 edition, was published the following year. Since that time, Q-Dex has established a reputation for accuracy and as a valuable research tool, saving our clients substantial time and money.

Over the last 40 years, technology has changed dramatically and Q-Dex has changed with it. The books are no longer published, but Q-Dex On-Line contains all the research that had been published in the books since 1985, plus many additional materials.

The primary work of Q-Dex is to provide our clients with quick access to on-point Illinois workers' compensation (WC) case law. We read every IWCC decision and every WC decision of Appellate and Supreme courts. Our attorneys create succinct synopses of the significant issues and use a multi-layered indexing system to enable fast, on-point results, sparing our clients the onerous task of sifting through countless cases, many of which are not on-point.

Another unique feature of Q-Dex On-Line is the Nature & Extent section. It presents every permanent partial disability (PPD) award under Sections 8(d)2 and 8(e) broken down by case year, body part, award and brief injury description. An example of a Nature & Extent query result is accessible on our home page.

Additional materials on-line include citations to future dispositions of a case, including Rule 23 decisions. All IWCC word-searchable case copies are on-line from 1994 to current, with older cases emailed upon request. Current IWCC decisions are uploaded the month after they are published.

Our clients include the IWCC, the Illinois Supreme Court library, prominent plaintiff and defense firms, insurance companies, third party administrators and corporations.

We encourage you to try the on-line system, at no fee, for 30-days. No credit card is required; the license will automatically expire without any further obligation. We also strongly encourge you to participate in a teleconference training session. Consistently our clients remark how easy it is to use the system after this 1-hour introduction.

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