Q-DEX On-Line® (Patent Pending)

How To Examples

This section provides screen-shot examples of how to perform queries using the Q-DEX On-Line® (Patent Pending) system.


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How TO
(Demo System Access User/Password is:   User = Demo   &   Password = Demo )
Searching database FIELD Attributes:
   1. Getting Started
   2. Abstract Searching by Field Attibutes
   3. Case Title Searching by Field Attibutes
Search Abstracts & Cases for specific KEY WORDS or Phrases
   1. Getting Started
   2. Abstract KEY Word Search
   3. Case KEY Word Search
Field Search/Abstract Search Examples
To Begin:
In the left navigation column, click:

1. Members/Visitors 
2. Research/Limited 
3. Field Search 

The demo site database is limited.
The full site database extends back to 1985
Select a chapter to search:
Press the Down Arrow to expose the Chapter options.
After selecting a chapter:
Chapter Specific drop-down menus will appear.

Use the Chapter Specific menus along with other parameters to define your query:
Following is a query example from Nature & Extent.
With the full database it will select all abstracts for cases after 2003 involving the low back, a herniation and some reference to surgery:
After the query runs:
You will receive an answer table that can be printed
To read and/or print the entire abstract:

Drill down into it by clicking on the underlined chapter title as noted above. You will then see the following type of screen:


Following is a query example from "Other Issues".

This will select all 2003 case abstracts with Accident Date as the issue and Repetitive Trauma as the sub-issue.

After clicking "Submit Query" the following answer tableappeared:

In order to see the detailed abstract text 'click' the Chapter Link.


Drill down into the abstract, as shown above, to view:

The full abstract text, case numbers, title and whether the case copy is on-line:

If the case copy is not yet on-line,   you will see "Contact Damien".


After clicking on "View PDF Case":

The case in PDF format will appear in a NEW window:

The ADOBE PDF Viewer is FREE from ADOBE.

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To start a Case-Title search:
Field Case Searching allows you to view only the Case Information and ignore Abstract field attributes.
Select your query options:

Select the Field Attribute of Interest and 'Method' for comparision.

Input your selection criteria and/or a combination of Combo Box values.

You may Multi-Select values by HOLD the 'Control KEY" while click your mouse button.

After running the query you receive an answer table:
To See the Case information 'click' on the underlined link.
After clicking on the case number to view more information you see :
Abstract & Case Title Word Searches 
To run a word search:

The WORD Search will allow you find information by using any word of your choice.

Words and/or Phrases are exact matches.

You may use standard boolean qualifiers:   "OR" & "AND"

Hand or FOOT

Hand and FOOT

To search all abstracts for a word or phrase:
You will receive an answer table:
To See the Abstract information 'click' on the underlined link.
The full abstract with case information appears:
To See the associated CASE PDF Copy (if available) information 'click' on the PDF Image link.

The case in PDF format will appear in a NEW window:

The ADOBE PDF Viewer is FREE from ADOBE.

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Or, you can perform a word search on case information:
You receive an answer page:
The full case information appears:
Now that you've reviewed some examples of how the Q-DEX On-Line® (Patent Pending)
system works, we encourage you to try a few queries yourself!